Women As Leaders



Program Overview

Women As Leaders is designed to support and develop the leadership capability of women in supervisory to middle levels of management. To continue building on positive trends for women in the workplace and build more inclusive organisational cultures, it is essential that women are promoted and retained in decision-making roles. It is in this capacity that women become powerful agents of change.
Over the past decade, there has been a gradual emergence and recognition of the need for a more holistic approach to leadership, one that incorporates the unique qualities and talents that women contribute. Within a more inclusive leadership paradigm, one that honours the feminine principal, women’s contribution becomes more values, visible and appropriately rewarded.

Who Should Attend?

For women considering a management career, new supervisors or for any woman wanting to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary leadership practices, increase their self-awareness, enhance their self-esteem, or develop a greater sense of life direction.

Program Awards

  • 2013 ACLW Award – Sustaining Women’s Empowerment in Communities & Organisations
  • 2011  LearnX Award – Gold Winner for Best Leadership Training Program
  • 2006 AHRI Award – National Winner HR Leadership Award

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key skills for creative leadership in contemporary organisations
  • Better utilise your unique strengths and abilities
  • Develop strategies for dealing with barriers for women in management
  • Discuss the formation of organisational culture and how to influence cultural development
  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to workplace relationships
  • Communicate with empathy and understanding
  • Demonstrate assertive behaviour
  • More effectively manage conflict to achieve win-win outcomes
  • Problem solve and make decisions with confidence
  • Develop a clear plan for achieving short, medium and long-term goals
  • Develop your own vision and facilitate the development of a team vision
  • Develop self awareness and recognition of personal triggers
  • Identify self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Network successfully for support and assistance
  • Identify avenues for further development
  • Listen with empathy
  • Use questioning techniques for influencing and connecting
  • Problem solve and make decisions with confidence

The Benefits You Will Gain

  • Awareness of personal strengths and abilities
  • Recognition of personal learning needs
  • Stronger sense of self
  • Confidence and motivation to take positive action

The Content You Will Cover

  • The current context and key issues for Women in Management
  • Organisational change and leadership: the value of diversity
  • Women’s potential as leaders
  • Contemporary leadership practices
  • Redefining skills, strengths and potential: a personal reflection
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI): the heart of contemporary leadership
  • Developing self-awareness: understanding reactions, self-regulation, risk-taking and self-extension
  • Understanding self and others, using personality profiling
  • Inter-personal aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • The role assertiveness plays in our relationships
  • Handling the emotional components of relating to others
  • Communication skills required for effective influence
  • Dealing with manipulative behaviour
  • Challenging real-life situations and strategies to address
  • Key trends and emerging opportunities in our job market
  • Individual analysis of opportunities: What do these changes mean for you?
  • Developing resilience and optimism, crucial skills for the future
  • Personal values and career interests
  • Developing your vision for your future
  • Goal setting structure, tools and techniques

VM Learning Approach

It is our methodology that sets VM Learning apart from other training providers. We use a blended learning approach with on-line pre-reading and personal assessments to complete prior to the program. Workshops are highly interactive with practical challenging processes to ensure that learning can be applied immediately to the workplace. We encourage on the job activities that provide participants with an opportunity for reflection and enhanced learning. Our dynamic workshops are based on accelerated learning and are certainly not’ death by PowerPoint’ – when we say interactive we mean interactive! This program is very `hands on’ where the process is often the contact. Participants lead, facilitate and present. Described as life changing by many previous women leaders!


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