Facilitative Leadership

Program Overview

Imagine a program that is interactive‚ engaging and challenging. Imagine a program that is highly experiential, facilitated by dynamic leaders in their own right. Imagine a program with minimal PowerPoint incorporating leading edge accelerated learning principles and innovative assessment techniques. Imagine a program where participants actually learn, develop and practise the crucial interpersonal communication skills required to be an effective leader. Imagine if the program facilitated the consistent implementation of best practice people and performance management approaches within your organisation to produce exceptional results at the team and organisational levels. Facilitative Leadership focuses on developing the 20% of leadership practices and communication skills which will yield 80% of the results.

Who Should Attend?

Facilitative Leadership is for anyone wanting to focus on developing their people skills. This program is designed to stretch current managers and supervisors who may have participated in previous management or leadership training programs and are looking for a more challenging learning experience. This program is specifically designed to help individuals develop a more robust sense of self‚ greater confidence around how they communicate with others and the courage and skills to confront difficult workplace people issues head on.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key dimensions of Emotional Intelligence
  • Discuss the four temperaments and identify how to better influence and work with each type
  • Define ‘personality type’ and have identified their leadership and team-working potential strengths and blind spots
  • Identify how to work with and control the subconscious side of the personality, the dark shadow that often hijacks an otherwise effective leader
  • Describe Situational Leadership and how it can be used to empower leadership
  • Develop powerful new insights and skills of effective communication and how to improve interpersonal relationships
  • Identify the fundamental principles of motivation and how to apply them in a leadership role
  • Discuss how to work with stress, develop resilience and choose optimism

The Benefits You Will Gain

  • A public workshop format allows you to interact with leaders from other organisations. This cross-pollination of ideas provides an opportunity for enhanced learning and inspiration. You will learn how to handle difficult situations, much more effective
  • An effective approach to addressing underperformance issues
  • Skills to build a more trusting team
  • Development of self-awareness and the skills of empathy

The Content You Will Cover

  • Leadership pre-reading
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Temperament theory and application to working with people
  • Personality type and its application to leadership including the functioning of the sub-conscious
  • Situational Leadership and its practical application when working with staff
  • Transactional Analysis – its linkage to EI and effective communication tools
  • Human motivation, brain reward systems and implications for leading people
  • Optimism, stress and resilience
  • Workplace action learning components

VM Learning Approach

This workshop incorporates practical application of the concepts learnt through the use of simulations, reflection and fun group activities. This highly interactive approach ensures participants have the opportunity to go beyond theory and practice their skills in a safe learning environment.

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