Facilitation Skills for Trainers


Program Overview

What are the distinct characteristics and competencies that distinguish outstanding trainers?  Firstly, they understand how to create an environment conducive to learning. They are able to quickly develop a deep rapport with their participants and maintain learner engagement throughout the training program.  Outstanding trainers ensure retention of learning through the use of highly skilled facilitation skills; they draw on the wisdom of the group to create a shared learning environment, they monitor and facilitate healthy group dynamics, and they create a learning pathway that effectively uses adult experiential learning principles to build a meaningful and resonant learning experience.

Join facilitation and training specialist, Taya Seidler  for a wonderful and fun day exploring effective facilitation techniques for trainers.  You will have an opportunity to lead a practice lesson and receive feedback and coaching in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Who Should Attend?

This program is suitable for all trainers (including the new trainer) wanting to hone their facilitation skills and increase the effectiveness of their training style.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to quickly build rapport, tailor learning outcomes to participant needs, and create a supported, connected learning environment
  • A range of practical facilitation tools and techniques to increase participant engagement and retention of learning through a whole-brain approach
  • An understanding of social needs and how to use these as a guide for managing group processes and dynamics, and potential difficult situations
  • Takeaway energisers, games and processes for the trainer’s toolbox

VM Learning Approach

Facilitator Taya Seidler is a leader in the area of facilitation skills for trainers.  She will share with you the underlying philosophy and values supporting cooperative facilitation and learning.  Having facilitated many diverse training programs and workshops, Taya is passionate about individuals learning the skills of true facilitation – a skill that is highly in demand in many different settings including community engagement and support. She holds a Bachelor degree from QUT with extensive qualifications in education and the creative industries.

This workshop is a high-impact, high-challenge experiential program that is limited to 14 participants only, providing a small group setting for maximised learning.  Our facilitator will provide specific feedback on your delivery style in order to enhance your performance.  Through experiential learning activities, simulations, and personal reflection you will increase your understanding of the foundations of good facilitation and learn to lean into your natural style and strengths as a trainer.

VM Learning caters specifically for facilitation skills for those delivering training.  Facilitation Skills for Trainers is a program that has received outstanding results over the past decade and is scheduled as a Public Workshop for the beginning of 2015 .

To obtain further information regarding the fee for delivering this program In-house please contact us.