Master Programs

Our programs address the three inter-related elements that build organisational health: leadership competency, quality of workplace relationships, and personal effectiveness.

If you are interested in running one of the following programs in-house, please call us on (07) 3215 8888. If you wish to attend one of our public workshops, check out our Public Workshop Schedule.

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Assertiveness Skills

The key to effective human relating is maintaining respect in communication with others. Learning to act assertively is vital in gaining influence and developing successful relationships.

CLEAR Choices: Managing Difficult Behaviour in others

Learn how to develop effective communication when working with others and manage and resolve workplace conflict.

Choices for Developing Emotional Intelligence

Develop Emotional Intelligence for enhanced self-awareness and self-management.

Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders

How do you guide a group of people towards mutually beneficial outcomes whilst managing the personality divergences that invariably exist? The answer is Facilitation Skills!

Facilitative Leaderships

Develop leadership skills to effectively influence self and other in all aspects of life. Build courage and resilience to sustain motivation and passion. Effectively address performance issues with H.E.A.R.T.

Leading Edge Supervisor

Develop skills that facilitate the effectiveness of front-line staff.

The Spirit of Mentoring

Enhance the spirit of a learning organisation and develop the skills that support effective mentoring relationships.

Time Master

Learn the tips, techniques and tools to assist you to get MORE done in LESS time…and with LESS stress.