Time Master

Program Overview

Do you feel that you are always short of time? Do you feel that you have too much to do? Do you sometimes have difficulty working out what should be done next? Do you have difficulty finding things when you need them? Would you like better results for the time and effort you invest in your work? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then this workshop will help you develop the skills and confidence to take control of your time and life!





Who Should Attend?

This one-day workshop is packed full of great ideas and strategies to help participants gain greater control over their time and their life.

Learning Outcomes

  • gain greater clarity regarding your goals and priorities
  • identify the fundamental principles and elements of work organisation
  • describe the “Time Matrix” and its’ four quadrants and how it is used to prioritise workload effectively
  • identify key time concerns that impact on productivity and develop solutions to address them
  • apply simple yet effective processes for monitoring the progress of ongoing or future tasks
  • apply a range of planning tools for long-range as well as short-term goals
  • process high volumes of paper and electronic information such as emails
  • effective manage personal & work-based contacts and commitments

The Benefits You Will Gain

  • Practical tips on how you can become more organised – at work AND at home
  • Improved focus on the most important priorities
  • Gaining awareness of personal work habits that are limiting your personal productivity
  • Learning the simple yet highly effective planning tools that will change your life – literally
  • Increasing personal power to become more proactive and in control!

The Content You Will Cover

  • Time management – the big picture
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
  • Unconscious work habits which lead to time wasting and strategies to overcome
  • Work organisation – getting organised for maximum productivity
  • Prioritisation – getting the most important things done
  • Planning and review techniques to ensure work/life balance
  • Personal action planning for work & life implementation

VM Learning Approach

It is our methodology that sets VM Learning apart from other training providers. We use a blended learning approach with on-line pre-reading and personal assessments for participants to complete prior to the program. Our programs are highly interactive with practical challenging processes to ensure that learning can be applied immediately to the workplace. We encourage on the job activities that provide participants with an opportunity for reflection and enhanced learning. Our dynamic workshops are based on accelerated learning and are certainly not ‘death by PowerPoint’ – when we say interactive we mean interactive!

You will also have fun – we can guarantee that!!!

To obtain further information regarding the fee for delivering this program In-house please contact us.