The Spirit of Mentoring

Program Overview

This workshop/mentoring program has been specifically designed to address the fundamental developmental needs for mentors. The program delivered over a six-week period offers participants an immediate opportunity to implement their learning in the workplace. Participants are provided with an on-going opportunity for feedback and coaching. In short, this program simulates a mentoring arrangement.
The success or otherwise of mentoring programs can be influenced greatly by assisting mentors to better understand how they can gain the most from such a relationship and develop effective mentoring skills.

Who Should Attend?

This one-day workshop is packed full of great ideas and strategies to help participants gain greater control over their time and their life.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training session, participants will be able to:

  •  explain their role is as a mentor
  •  list the expectations and limitations of this role
  • demonstrate the difference between mentoring and other learning methods
  • identify the positive behaviours, effective communication skills and competencies a good mentor needs
  • identify what mentoring achieves for individuals and the organisation
  • identify a list of encouraging and warning signs to look for in a mentoring partnership
  • recognise their own ability to mentor through coaching, practice and feedback

The Content You Will Cover

  • History, background and purpose of mentoring
  • The roles of the mentor and mentee
  • Phases of development in a mentoring relationship
  • Needs and expectations (both organisational and individual)
  • (This would include scope and limitations, unrealistic expectations, concerns, etc.)
  • Helpful and unhelpful behaviours (tips and traps)
  • Practice mentoring meetings
  • Collaborative learning relationships
  • The importance of mentoring in relation to career development
  • Consider special mentoring situations
  • Ways to check whether a mentoring partnership is working or not working
  • Action planning to start the process

VM Learning Approach

It is our methodology that sets VM Learning apart from other training providers. We use a blended learning approach with on-line pre-reading and personal assessments for participants to complete prior to the program. Our programs are highly interactive with practical challenging processes to ensure that learning can be applied immediately to the workplace. We encourage on the job activities that provide participants with an opportunity for reflection and enhanced learning. Our dynamic workshops are based on accelerated learning and are certainly not ‘death by PowerPoint’ – when we say interactive we mean interactive!

You will also have fun – we can guarantee that!!!

To obtain further information regarding the fee for delivering this program In-house please contact us.