Leading Edge Supervisor

Program Overview

Frontline leaders represent the vital link between operational staff and management, and as one of the most challenging roles in an organisation, being an adept communicator and manager is fundamental to supervisory success. The Leading Edge Supervisor is a two-day program designed to develop the core skills that frontline leaders need in order to be effective in creating a motivated and productive team.



Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for all frontline supervisors, managers or team leaders who have direct people-management responsibilities and who are either new to the job or have never had any formal training in supervisor skills. This program would also be beneficial for supervisors who have undertaken training previously but need additional skills development to assist them in their current role.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and discuss the necessary skills, characteristics and practices of a Frontline Supervisor/Team Leader
  • Identify key strategies for effectively managing and motivating employees
  • Define ‘Performance Management’ and its key elements
  • List the processes and key skills in coaching and counselling employees
  • Define and discuss the process of delegation and how it can be used effectively to improve performance and manage time
  • Develop team-building strategies to apply in work groups
  • Discuss ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and implications for effective supervision
  • Identify and discuss management communication techniques

The Benefits You Will Gain

  • Greater confidence in dealing with people management issues
  • Improved performance and productivity of staff
  • Greater clarity of performance goals for both the managers/supervisors and their staff
  • Greater cohesion between supervisors and their team in working together and addressing issues
  • Enhanced management of new changes introduced by the organisation

The Content You Will Cover

  • Defining the Role of Frontline Leaders
  • Leadership Styles and Practices
  • Effective Coaching
  • Delegation Skills
  • Managing and Communicating Change
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Facilitation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Case Studies/Scenarios
  • Workplace Assignments

VM Learning Approach

This workshop is highly interactive and focuses on meeting contemporary workplace needs. A combination of learning styles are catered for through the incorporation of team activities, individual exercises and reflection, interactive learning games, problem-solving activities, facilitator-led group discussion, videos, mind-mapping, role-plays, work assignments and a variety of review processes.

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