Handling Difficult Behaviour with H.E.A.R.T.

slide1Program Overview 

This highly interactive one-day workshop assists participants to develop skills in providing excellence in service delivery particularly when handling challenging people.  Highly practical the program provides not only an arena for developing interpersonal communication skills but also greater self-awareness and confidence.  Participants are able to apply assertiveness techniques and practise their listening skills with supportive feedback allowing for reflection and growth.


 Who should attend?

This program is ideally suited to client service staff who have to deal with aggressive, emotional or otherwise challenging clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the most challenging types of clients: their approach, behaviours & motivation
  • identify the key reasons why clients become difficult
  • identify the key triggers including words, body language and tone, of client service representatives that escalate into emotional responses
  • describe typical reactions to challenging clients and the causes of defensiveness
  • apply the C.L.E.A.R. solution to diffusing angry or emotional customers
  • list practical techniques which can be used when handling challenging clients
  • describe an effective process for handling abusive clients
  • effectively respond to unreasonable demands and identify criteria for seeking support when the situation appears to be heading out of control

The Content You Will Cover

  • Why clients become difficult in the first place
  • Understanding our reactions to psychological attack
  • Understanding the triune brain & the fight/flight response
  • Negative perceptions which influence our reactions
  • Developing a proactive approach to handling challenging clients
  • The C.L.E.A.R. solution for coping with emotional clients
  • Assertiveness and its role in setting boundaries with clients
  • Empathy vs. apology when to use each method of empathy

VM Learning Approach


It is our methodology that sets VM Learning apart from other training providers. We use a blended learning approach with on-line pre-reading and personal assessments for participants to complete prior to the program. Our programs are highly interactive with practical challenging processes to ensure that learning can be applied immediately to the workplace. We encourage on the job activities that provide participants with an opportunity for reflection and enhanced learning. Our dynamic workshops are based on accelerated learning and are certainly not ‘death by PowerPoint’ – when we say interactive we mean interactive!


To obtain further information regarding the fee for delivering this program In-house please contact us.