“To handle yourself, use your head, to handle others, use your heart.”

– E.Roosevelt

Conflict and dealing with difficult people in the workplace is inevitable. A little bit of conflict can boost creativity, however if it’s personal it’s unnecessary, debilitating and even lead to an increase turnover in staff. Knowing there is conflict in the workplace is one thing; however knowing how to effectively respond and deal with it is another. With the prevalence of conflict in the workplace, we need to understand the impact it can have on organisations in order to address the issue and resolve it in a peaceful manner.

Conflict and ineffective communication within the workplace has an enormous cost for organisations which include: loss of productivity; a loss of synergy and cohesion due to the breakdown of teams ; divisiveness, low morale, motivation and staff turnover. High staff turnover results in a continual leaking of energy, knowledge and skills; weakening the organisation and undermining profits. Also, conflict can also have a burdening effect on individuals psychologically. Conflict can cause dissolution in the workplace and if the conflict is ongoing and unresolved it can cause distress and even depression if left untreated. In addition to this, the continued conflict at work can greatly reduce workplace satisfaction, reducing employees self-esteem and leading to higher turnover of staff.  Equipping supervisors and managers with the appropriate tools to deal with sticky situations that otherwise go un-managed, addresses conflict and issues when they arise and thus contributes to a healthy working environment,  increased productivity and fewer niggling hesitations.

Thankfully, VM Learning’s new C.L.E.A.R Choices program trains supervisors and managers with the appropriate skills and tools to deal with stressful work complications resolving unpleasant conflicts in the workplace. Benefits of this program will include but are not limited to: increased productivity, enhanced well-being, greater cohesion and communication, greater work satisfaction, strong, robust leadership and increased profits.  To book in to this workshop or to enquire further, please feel free to call us on 07 3215 8888 or email enquiries@vmlearning.com.au. We’re always happy to answer.