About Us

heartOur dynamic learning and development programs inspire and motivate people toward the pursuit of personal excellence and self-leadership, which enables them to build winning organisations that truly make a difference!

Organisations are like living organisms – interdependent systems in which the health of any part affects the overall health and performance of the whole. They are also dynamic, fluid, evolving and continually renewing themselves. By attending to the health of each and every part, and of the systems that link and maintain them, organisations guarantee their success.

VM Learning supports organisations in regaining or maintaining health and effectiveness by working with its people. Organisations are about people and the interactions between them. It is people who make choices and decisions, who communicate, negotiate and coach, who solve problems, who dream, have vision and take risks.

Organisational change begins with the individual and the daily conversations and interactions that contribute to the formation of a healthy, productive culture. Therein lies the secret of regeneration and renewal.

We believe that everyone within a learning organisation is a leader and that everyone has the potential for excellence. Leading the self, a team or a whole organisation requires the development and application of essential qualities, skills and strategies that stimulate and facilitate growth.

VM Learning provides interventions that touch the hearts of people, appeal to individual differences and styles of learning, stimulate reflection and self-appraisal, trigger the formation of new concepts, motivate action and excite the imagination. We provide practical solutions to practical problems for real people wanting to make a difference. Our programs address the three inter-related elements that build organisational health: leadership competencyquality of workplace relationships, and personal effectiveness.

Our service provision, including our program delivery, is founded on values of the H.E.A.R.T.: Honesty, Empathy, Acceptance, Respect and Trust!

Our Team

The main factor that distinguishes VM Learning is our dynamic consulting team. We have a team of facilitators who share the same philosophies and values.

We focus our energy on motivating our participants to reach their maximum potential and achieve results through positive and encouraging learning processes.

One distinguishing feature of our workshops is that each consultant delivers their own specialist learning program: continually improving and refining their offering to ensure optimum results.

Our consultants ensure that all our workshops are dynamic and are based on interactive and experiential learning methods. From the outset, we encourage and facilitate participants’ acceptance of responsibility for embracing change. As much as possible participants are learning by doing.

We all share an ongoing commitment to our own professional development. All our consultants have extensive experience as trainers/facilitators as well as extensive knowledge and experience in their specialist areas. Participants benefit from learning with highly skilled professionals who provide effective feedback to participants and encourage individual and team development.

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