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On the 11th of September, VM Learning launched its lastt public program of the year; the highly regarded and award winning ‘Women as Leaders’ program.

Despite celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the ‘Women as Leaders’ program is still just as relevant, with recent statistics indicating the severe lack of women’s advancement within the workplace.

Currently within Australia, just 15.4% of directors on ASX200 Boards are female and 52 ASX200 companies do not have a woman on their board at all, according to the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency. Despite this, 87.8% of women aged 20-24 have attained year 12 qualifications or above in 2013, in comparison to 84.1% of men in the same age bracket.

These alarming figures indicate that despite women’s underrepresentation in high leaderships and decision making roles, they are just as qualified and intelligent as their male counterparts.  Evidently, there is a gap between entering the workforce and acquiring these high level managerial positions and it is a gap that VM Learning aims to bridge with their ‘Women and Leaders’ program.

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The program now has a key focus on addressing these recent statistics, by developing specific strategies for dealing with barriers for women in management. It also aims to make the program more relevant to the individual by analysing current opportunities within the job market and what they mean for both women overall and the individual.

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Having this ability to personally connect and relate to the individual participants makes VM Learning’s ‘Women as Leaders’ program so unique and worthwhile. This is evident from the feedback of the most recent ‘Women as Leaders’ training days spanning from February the 27th til the 3rd of April. All participants came away from the program confident they were better equipped to lead effectively, build stronger relationships and build solid goals for the future.

quote 3The Women and Leaders program will start again in 2015, with the first public workshop held in February. Please call 07 3215 8888 to book now and take part in bridging the gap between male and female leadership positions in the workforce.

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