A common misconception is that career planning is something you do when unemployed or at the start of your career.  On the contrary, it is an ongoing process of life creation.  Especially in today’s context of change and transformation, where both public and private sector organisations are undergoing reshaping, restructuring, flattening, downsizing, outsourcing, diversifying, streamlining or some other process, careers are no longer stable, predictable, linear and permanent, from school to the “gold watch”.  Increasingly, both individuals and organisations are challenged to ensure that their energies and resources are focused on the right task, in the right role at the right time of life.


As part of succession planning initiatives, organisations focus on labour shortages within occupations and within the managerial structure.  One of the keys to ensuring accurate and appropriate utilisation of “human capital” is to empower employees in making wise and astute career choices as they move within and between organisations or agencies.


Through the use of confidently expressing what you want in the workplace, assertion can be achieved by each individual in their respective working environments. With individual assertion, comes an increase in skills such as negotiating and listening which can help one strive in their chosen career paths.


Ultimately, each of us contains the secrets to our own success and has the capacity for self-knowledge, self-promotion and self-actualisation.